Swissvax Marine Detailing Services

We use the Full range of Swissvax products & can provide protection to Marine Gelcoats & Painted Hulls.

We offer a complete service programme for sophisticated customers in the marine sector. We cater for all types of hulls found in modern cruisers and yachts such as Marine Gelcoats, Alluminium and painted hulls encountered on the shell of your craft using multi-step detailing and care processes with Swissvax products ensuring that new surfaces are effectively kept “as-new” or that surfaces showing signs of wear are restored and protected.

We also take care of marine wood and teak surfaces which are thoroughly cleaned and specially coated with our famous wood waxes and /or Teak oils.

We ensure that your new boat stays “as-new” or revert your used boat back to top condition.

After our complete treatments your craft will not only look stunning but thanks to the super fine and homogenous surface created with Swissvax products it also may be cleaned a lot faster and easier in the future.

Finally and equally as important in today’s modern society is the assurance that all our products are environmentally safe and will not cause damage to waterways or marine ecosystems.

We also care for the interior of your boat. From your cockpit and the master controls which typically get soiled rapidly to the complete inside of the craft, we provide the perfect interior marine care service and solution.

To achieve this we rely upon the famous and popular “longevity proven” Swissvax products, which cover all care and protection needs from fine leather, marine vinyl & plastics down to natural or varnished wooden surfaces, bright work, metals and rubber.

Types of Marine Detailing Services Available

  • Machine polishing of upper and lower hulls to restore faded gelcoats and painted surfaces
  • Application of Swissvax Marine waxes to Gelcoats and wooden surfaces
  • Water proofing and sealing of bimini tops and canvas covers
  • Removal of rust and stains from gelcoats
  • Cleaning of stainless steel and other metals
  • Pressure washing and cleaning of all exterior surfaces
  • Glass and clear screen cleaning
  • Shampoo extraction – deep cleansing of all fabrics, carpets, seats, mattresses and floor mats
  • Cleaning and conditioning of all plastic and Vinyl surfaces
  • Deep cleansing, sealing and conditioning of leather seats and coverings
  • Cleaning of cockpits, instrumentation and controls