We have a wide range of Swissvax waxes available to suit all kinds of paintwork.

These waxes are available to purchase or when booking your signature detail, feel free to request having your car receive the correct wax suited to your cars needs.
Swissvax have specific designed waxes tailored for BMW, Porsche, Mercedes, Bugatti, Alfa Romeo, Ferrari, Fiat, Lancia, Maserati, Lexus, Classic Cars with nitrocellulose paints, Japenese paint systems, & specialised Satin & Matt paints & vinyl wraps
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Key Characteristics of Swissvax Waxes

  • Are beautifully hand crafted products made in Switzerland.
  • Do not contain abrasives and can be applied on any type of paintwork.
  • Have two key characteristics which are longevity & durability, meaning waxes can last from 8 weeks up to 12 months
  • Also smell amazing due to the natural fruit extract oils & high carnauba content.
  • Do not leave any white residue on plastics

The process to applying Swissvax waxes is as follows:

The ingenious Swissvax paintwork care process includes three systematic steps providing ultimate results with ease:

First, the paintwork is treated with the Paint Rubber, a mineralic putty compound for the effortless removal of contaminants adhering to the paintwork surface.

During the second step, Cleaner Fluid, a paintwork nourishing fluid with excellent deep cleansing characteristics, is applied and buffed leaving nothing but a perfectly clean, smooth and homogenous paintwork surface.

The third step seals the paintwork with the wax of your choice chosen out of the wide range of Swissvax waxes. This Swissvax paintwork cure process is a procedure which has been meticulously perfectioned over decades resulting in the ultimate Swissvax finish and the most intense gloss captivating enthusiasts and collectors all over the world.